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We design, develop, and build custom millwork, cabinetry, retail store fixtures, custom displays, and merchandise elements which are unique, functional, and attractive. Whether it is modifying your existing design or starting from scratch on the back of a napkin, C Consultants have the network of suppliers to bring your design to market.

Design of these items can be a huge factor in the extension of your brand to blend in or stand out. However, they are often left to interpretation of so many different partners. Our custom millwork displays and retail store fixtures are designed with these elements in mind for multiple reasons: design intent, functionality, cost control, centralization, integration to the construction drawings, buying power, placement in space, installation, and quality control of the final project deliverable.

Too often the development of these items are overlooked. This creates a situation where the set up and placement of the final product could fall upon those who are not equipped for those decisions or the correct expertise. Additionally, it is critical to the quality control of your brand strategy to execute in this area.

If you need assistance developing your brand strategy, custom millwork, retail store fixtures, or custom displays from C2 can help your message reach a wider audience and create more trust between you and your consumers.


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