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Our retail construction team has a unique expertise with storewithinastore building projects. We have built thousands of storewithinastore locations, tenant buildout, and kiosk locations, allowing you to leverage our expertise for your projects. We manage all aspects of the project from permitting and inspections to the final clean and walk through with your teams.

We will interface with your retailer or landlord throughout the process to provide communication and any documentation they require. If you are undertaking a remodel or a refresh, our retail construction team has developed the strategies to execute. Let our experience guide your team through the processes and ensure your brand is supported and the efficiencies of the space are maximized according to their individual standards and specifications.

No project at C is standard. Every facet of our process is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need services for a store within a store, a tenant build out, a kiosk, or any other type of retail construction, we WILL deliver your project to meet the possession date you have agreed to within your lease.

  •  20,00050,000 shoppers per week which provide great visibility to your brand locally 
  • Convenient onestop shopping provides you an edge over your competition
  • Leverage your and the retailers marketing power to drive traffic to you, despite online shopping trends
  • Lower opening cost by as much as up to 50% of traditional tenant buildouts
  • Thousands of tenant spaces available across the country in all market types
Tenant Buildout
  • Identification of appropriate spaces is important, let us help you review, survey and discuss key lease points
  • Tenant Allowance dollars are not always what they are made out to be, a solid review of the space and upfront cost of space preparation can save you tens of thousands of dollars
  • Make sure your broker is working for you and not just the deal at hand
  • Coordination with all partners involved to deliver the space is crucial: this includes your internal partners, broker, landlord, IT, ISP providers, low voltage, furniture suppliers, marketing  and graphics, exterior signage, millwork, procurement, owner furnished items, and the general contractor
  • We engage and manage all aspects for total coordination of the project, a holistic approach is critical for success
  • Most locations are built within 4-8 weeks, depending on the level of interior buildout
  • Lower cost than ground up
  • Leverage the retail center’s traffic for key visibility location in the community
  • Your opportunity to turn your complete storefront into a microretail space
  • Leverage our team’s expertise of designing in small spaces to your benefit
  • Access to suppliers and vendors who have worked with us to deliver these type of spaces from around the globe
  • From 10 square feet to 200 square feet these spaces are small but powerfully branded designs
  • Getting you to locations where your services or products can be accessed through a concentrated shopping experience

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