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Sometimes we get asked…

How do you do this across the US?

We have a proven process that, when executed, will deliver a retail build out from start to completion. Depending on where our client has a need or gap determines where we begin in the process. Not all steps in the process are for C to fulfill, however, a resource must be identified as to who will handle those processes.

Once accountability is established, it becomes all about the execution of the process. We utilize our Tracker which is customized to the client’s program to monitor and track the progress of the project on their dashboard. We utilize BOX as our online posting platform for our clients, and vendors to access all aspects of the project which include survey photos and documentation, permit drawings, progress reports, design, pre-construction, development and photos.

We have weekly monitoring calls with our clients and vendors to review the status of the project as well.

During the design process of our retail build outs, we are utilizing online meetings to present and review finishes, floor plans and all other aspects.

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We appreciate you taking some time to visit our site and hopefully you have seen one or two things that can help you with the design, build out or decommissioning of your retail space. We would love to answer any questions you may have. So, when you call…just ask for Jeff or Chris.