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This is where creativity hits a new high for us. This is when you have that little ingenious idea and you want to pilot something new. You have a “feel for it” and can see it in your mind but you need someone to help make it happen. Many times these little retail design ideas are small versions of your store front operations, a kiosk, a miniature version of what you do and have done successfully. An opportunity is at hand and you can go there but you need to truly create something unique in a small package.

We have worked on some creative retail design projects of this nature and would love to help you on your next adventure. These projects have ranged in size from 10 square feet to 200 square feet. They have been in the front of retail big boxes, corporate lobbies, gondola store shelving units, display fixtures, custom millwork, or just in the middle of another store. Wherever it is, the idea is the same, build our branded storefront out in micro space and make it functional and attractive. So, if this is something you are tasked with executing, we can assist. Please look at a few examples of some unique spaces.

Jackson Hewitt

Walmart MoneyCenter

Bluebird American Express by Walmart

Custom Ink Inside Michael’s

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We appreciate you taking some time to visit our site and hopefully you have seen one or two things that can help you with the design, build out or decommissioning of your retail space. We would love to answer any questions you may have. So, when you call…just ask for Jeff or Chris.