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What We Do

From concept to completion, delivering single-source design build solutions for retail spaces.

Where We Do It

Primarily focused on store-within-a-store, malls, retail centers and unique retail spaces.

How We Do It

We listen to your needs to then create and execute your brand utilizing our 20 years of expertise.

Is your store one of the thousands that has or is planning to close? See how we can help!

Paving the Way For Your Successful California Business

We may not have any new products or services to sell, but we do have something to offer. We stand apart in the California retail store design and construction business because we treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

At C2 Consultants, our team is devoted to honesty, loyalty, and transparency. We believe in taking responsibility for our mistakes, celebrating our successes, and taking pride in our clients’ success. At the end of the day, we enjoy what our job entails and that shows. If you enjoy working with like-minded people, we would love for you to reach out.

Understanding your day-to-day business operations, strategies, and goals is key to our California retail store design, construction, and brand development services. These things help us understand how your space functions. When we are able to take the time to get to know you, we can offer clear advice on how to make your space work for you. It’s not about knowing how many rooms you require or how many chairs you need. It’s about understanding your company, your team, and what you do.

Having a firm grasp on these aspects of your business helps us understand how functionality and design can be combined to meet your needs.

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Some of the Work We’ve Done

COVID-19 Has Changed Everything


According to some estimates, as many as 100,000 stores could close before 2025. We believe we can make a difference in California through strategic brand development and creating unique retail store spaces.


Retail spaces need to be returned to Vanilla Shell/White Box status at some point. To fulfill this requirement, our California retail store design and construction teams are working together with tenants and landlords.


Store-within-a-store units are highly sought after within big box retailer spaces. The development of specialty kiosks and outdoor malls is fully underway. C2 Consultants is a pioneer in this industry, and we’ve been helping our California clients with retail store design and construction services for more than two decades.

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We appreciate you taking some time to visit our site and hopefully you have seen one or two things that can help you with the design, build out or decommissioning of your retail space. We would love to answer any questions you may have. So, when you call…just ask for Jeff or Chris.

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